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Sri Annamalayar Jewellers is the world's largest Nagas Jewellery manufacturer in Coimbatore , Tamil nadu. We hold a well acclaimed name in Antique Jewellery and nagas jewelers. Our product range lies in the ingenuity of designs and its unrivaled quality. Nagas jewelers are exclusive and hand made traditional jewels. It is one of the most popular traditional Jewellery which gives pictorial representation of gold.

In south India , nagas jewelers are assumed to be a symbol of fertility and procreation. They are a type of ornament whose shape is available in wide varieties. We provide such nagas jewellers at affordable costs to our clients. All nagas Jewellery is very beautiful which are available in varied designs and multi colored gems.

Mr.Easwar (Easwaran) is the founder of Sri Annamalayar Jewellers, a professional and specialized expertise in selling nagas Jewellery. Under our specialized services, we develop our nagas jewelry and Indian handicraft items as per the choice and specification of the clients. These jewelleries keep intact the traditional style of making, but the design is kept contemporary so that a good blend of traditional and modern Jewellery can be offered to the new generation.

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